Is voice-to-text any safer? Study says no

For those drivers that think they have found a safe way to approach driving while texting, they might want to think again. Instead of manually text messaging on a phone, drivers might use a feature that allows them to speak the words, which will translate to text in the message. While this might seem like

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Woman sues Baltimore police after incident

When Baltimore residents are behind the wheel of a vehicle, they already have plenty to worry about. After all, negligent drivers can swoop in at any second and cause a motor vehicle accident. However, one woman was injured last year when she was stuck in traffic, but fellow motorists had nothing to do with it.

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High Court sides with girl injured at birth

Mistakes during childbirth can present life-altering consequences. Birth injuries, sometimes as a product of medical malpractice, can impair individuals for the rest of their lives. This has been seen with a 13-year-old girl from outside of Maryland state lines. The girl suffers from cerebral palsy, seizures and mental retardation. She was burdened with these conditions

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Student struck while legally crossing street

Drivers must constantly be on the lookout for pedestrians. This vulnerable demographic can be seriously injured or even killed when snagged in a car accident. Part of keeping a watchful eye for pedestrians involves being conscious of them in areas where they are likely prevalent, such as near a school. A recent accident in Blair

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Knoxville worker killed at auto shop

Certain work environments lend greater risks to employees. Workers that tend to their jobs with power tools, heavy objects or anything else that could potentially cause them harm in an accident must mind safety precautions. On the other side of the coin, employers are responsible for looking out for the well being of their employees,

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Will law save Maryland cyclists from brain injuries?

It is probably safe to say that both cyclists and nonriders alike would agree that bike accidents can carry potentially serious injuries. These ramifications could include brain injury, which is especially devastating. This is why wearing a helmet is so important. However, not everyone in Maryland agrees on what laws are needed in order to

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Distracted driving to blame for bus accident

A tour bus company that recorded an instance of unsafe driving in Maryland back in 2011 has struck again. A motor vehicle accident involving a bus from the same company recently sent 35 individuals to the hospital with injuries. A 17-year-old individual that was left in critical condition sustained the worst of the injuries. The

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Drug maker accused of causing child’s hearing problem

Doctors and other medical professionals are expected to adequately care for expectant mothers and unborn children. Similarly, drug companies also have an obligation to do their part to help keep infants safe. They are required to clearly warn expectant mothers of any possible birth injuries that can arise while using certain drugs during a pregnancy.

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