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Worker injuries decline in 2013

Workers in Maryland might already know that the workplace environment has become safer over the past decade. Workplace injuries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, declined once again in 2013. The continuing of this trend requires cooperation on the part of many different safety groups and employers. Programs supporting occupational safety and health have

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Coverage under workers’ compensation

Maryland workers may already know that most employers are required to offer workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. Accidents resulting in personal injury to the employee that occurred on the job may be covered; however, not all injuries are. Once cleared to receive workers’ compensation, medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, hospital care and partial income...

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Baltimore roof collapse injures 9

Baltimore County officials have reported that a roof collapse in Sparrows Point, at the former Bethlehem Steel plant, injured nine workers. This type of work accident may not be common, but can happen from time to time in the construction industry. A member of the Baltimore County Fire Department said that a crew was demolishing

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