The Top 5 Arrests of 2016

Every year we witness story after story of celebrities who have run-ins with the law. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Even with money, power and fame, people make bad choices and life can go wrong, very wrong.  Here are the top five celebrity arrests of 2016 that made the 6 o’clock celebrity legal news:  

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3 Key Factors in an Expungement Proceeding

For many people an old criminal conviction or dismissed criminal case could be the difference between landing their dream job or getting passed over for someone else with a clean criminal record.  Many people are unaware that they may be eligible to have their criminal convictions erased through the expungement process. Dismissed Cases Still Show

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The Many Threats To A Hospital Patient’s Safety

When we talk about patient safety in a hospital, we are not talking about the quality of security the hospital employs. We are talking about the steps the medical staff takes to make sure that each patient gets the highest quality care that is free of errors. Hospital errors can lead to medical malpractice and

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Who is at risk when airbags are recalled?

Nearly 20 different auto manufacturers are now involved in recalls to replace airbags in autos that were mostly built between 2002 and 2015. Some of these airbags manufactured by the Takata Corporation could explode and shoot metal shrapnel into a vehicle’s passenger compartment when they deploy. Takata is the second largest manufacturer of airbag systems

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Important Teen Driving Safety Tips

As a Coeur d’Alene car accident lawyer will attest, all too often teenagers are seriously injured or killed in automobile related accidents. This is a scary prospect for many parents. As soon as your teenagers begin the learner’s/licensing process, you should begin considering the advice you’ll provide to keep them safe. Not all accidents are

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Four Common Questions When Charged With a Crime

“The police know I’m guilty. I know I’m guilty. Why do I need an attorney?” Because, at the very least, experienced defense counsel will tear apart prosecution’s evidence and analyze it for factors that could limit your sentencing exposure. Experienced criminal defense counsel may identify technical issues, such as constitutional violations, that you would miss...

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Drunk and distracted driving is dangerous

Drunk and distracted driving has been a problem throughout the United States for many years. Even though there are laws in place to prevent both types of behaviors, some people fail to comply. As a result, they put themselves as well as others in harm’s way. Drunk driving is illegal in the state of Maryland.

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