Drunk and distracted driving is dangerous

Drunk and distracted driving has been a problem throughout the United States for many years. Even though there are laws in place to prevent both types of behaviors, some people fail to comply. As a result, they put themselves as well as others in harm’s way. Drunk driving is illegal in the state of Maryland.

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Common reasons for a truck accident

As the driver of a passenger vehicle, you know you are always in close proximity to others while you make your way down the road. This includes vehicles of the same size, as well as large tractor trailers. Being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, including 18-wheelers and delivery trucks among others, is

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What are common causes, types of birth injuries?

Every parent is worried about the potential for a birth injury. While these are not common, there are times when an infant is injured during childbirth or shortly thereafter. Some of the most common causes of birth injury include: — Premature birth. — Baby is large. — Overweight mother. — Cesarean delivery. — Misuse of

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